Home is now South Africa!

The hardest question for a missionary to answer is “Where are you from?”  That question comes up in casual conversation from the grocery store, to an airport encounter, or from an introduction at a business office.  So what should we say?  Where we live, where we were born, where we serve?  It is a complicated response and could take you up to 15 minutes just to explain how you were born on an island in the pacific ocean, lived in three different continents, are a foreigner in the place you presently live, and if you died tomorrow you have no idea where you should be buried!  Well, at least today we can say, “we are from South Africa!”

Praise God, that after 8 months of waiting out the slow and sometimes very frustrating red tape of South Africa immigration policies, we can finally say our new home is Johannesburg, South Africa!  We just received our final paperwork for Resident Visas to South Africa and now working to get our personal effects that have been in storage for one year in Dakar, Senegal to our new home in South Africa.  Pray with us that the importation of our items will go well and with not too much expense as we cross yet another hurdle in moving from one side of this great continent to the other.

Thanks so much for your prayers and support that we have felt from literally thousands of friends across the globe that have been praying for us.  We are entering into the next chapter of our lives with great hope and new vision.  Our time in the USA over the month of July was very rewarding.  Not only did we get a chance to spend extra time with our children but also our parents and siblings.  We praise God for every moment we get with them as the time is precious and we know will not last as we move onto our next assignment.

We also feel so blessed to have had a chance to speak in our LINKS church, Brentwood Concorde Community Church of the Nazarene in Nashville, TN.  Michelle and I also enjoyed time with Joe and Valerie Drake with the Bikers for Christ community at their National Rally held in Nashville.  We not only got a chance to Ride with more than 200 fellow brothers and sisters in Christ, but also got a chance to share with them about how their efforts in raising up funds for motorcycles for pastors in Africa has been such a blessing.  They made me an honorary member of the Bikers for Christ and gave us enough funds to buy 2 more motorcycles for pastors here in Africa.  Praise the Lord!

Thanks again for your great support for our family and ministry.  We ask that you hold us up in prayer over these following prayer requests and share them with those who would join us in reaching the lost for Christ in Africa.

Primary Prayer requests

Pray for the details of shipping our personal effects from Senegal to South Africa. We left everything stored in a fellow missionary’s garage and now have to get someone to gather everything and get it shipped here to South Africa.
Michelle’s new job as personnel coordinator seems overwhelming. The complexities of a changing church with new missionaries from Africa to Africa as well as balancing the influx of new short and long-term missionaries for the entire continent of Africa is more work than you can imagine. She needs wisdom to know how to stay ahead of the emails and paperwork while also being able to take phone calls and work through important issues that affect leadership, relationships, and people’s lives.
Tim’s new job of coordinating evangelism efforts across the continent is also a little overwhelming. We are in the stages of developing key leaders in 7 fields as they develop strategies to reach the lost. I need wisdom on how to balance the training events that develop leaders with the administrative tasks of keeping 265 Jesus Film teams operating at the same time across the continent.
Pray for travel mercies. Both Michelle and I will travel extensively over the next two months. Michelle will be in West Africa hosting a missions emersion event for potential future new missionaries from those feeling the call to missions. She is also helping a new FSC and his team develop and grow in Accra, Ghana, the new center for operations for the Africa West Field. Tim will be holding church planting seminars on two districts in South Africa and then his first trip into Angola to train 10 new teams for the Jesus Film ministry. In September we both travel to the USA for conferences in raising awareness for Work and Witness needs on the Africa Continent and doing partnership development meetings. We will be on the road essentially for 2 months.
We are searching for a new community of faith to be apart of here in South Africa. Pray that we can make friends with our neighbors, find our place of ministry in the local context, and strengthen relationships with our new colleagues at the Africa Regional Office.

As always we cherish your prayers, your notes of encouragement, and your financial support.  This year has been a tough year financially and we ask that you pray with us as we look for more regular supporters of our ministry so that we can accomplish the task with which God has burdened our hearts.  If you want to know more about how you can help, please connect with us through our website www.theebyexpress.com  to find out how to make regular contributions to our ministries and major projects that we are involved in.

 God bless,

 Tim and Michelle

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