Celebrating Change!
2018 has begun with a flurry of activity and Michelle and I find ourselves in our new chapter of life in Johannesburg, South Africa.  After 11 years of ministry in Dakar, Senegal we have moved on to a regional role with the Nazarene Church.  Somehow we went from the youngest missionaries in Kenya almost 20 years ago, to one of the oldest missionaries still in the game here in Africa.  We believe that God has taught us many things through both good and bad days and today we hope those experiences will help other missionaries in their journey. 

Michelle has been assigned as the personell coordinator for the Africa region.  This means she is responsible for the care of missionaries on the region and also part of a unique chance to mold and train new missionaries coming to the field.  Today we have missionaries from nations all around the world including 24 missionaries from African countries serving faithfully in other countries across Africa.

I am now coordinating the Jesus Film teams across Africa and working with exceptional leaders in finding new ways to reach the lost and bring hope to those living in darkness.  We are focused on both the urban ministry opportunities as well as reaching those living in rural areas.  We believe that God is calling us to disciple people in new ways as we return to the oldest and most natural way of sharing values through stories in the heart language of those who are listening.

As we adjust to a new life at the Wilro Gardens apartments we are getting to know new neighbors, finding out how to greet and say goodbye in the local languages of South Africa, and learning how to drive on the opposite side of the road.  It would be easier to adjust if we had all our stuff, but we are still waiting on our resident visas for South Africa. Our boxes of personal pictures, dishes, tools, and decorations are still sitting in a garage in Dakar, Senegal.  God is once again teaching us patience!
Michelle traveled to Dakar this January to be part of training the new team that is taking over in West Africa.  We praise God for the new team of missionaries and national leaders continuing the ministry both in Senegal and across West Africa.   Michelle spent time with Reetu Height who is the new treasurer for West Africa.   I was able to join the team from Trevecca Community Church in February as we helped to complete the final level of the district center building in Dakar.  Working with Jeremy Height who has taken my place as the work and witness coordinator for West Africa was a real joy.  God has brought this young couple at just the right time to carry on the work.
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God has opened doors this year for the work of evangelism and discipleship to grow across the fields.  I am excited to be working with Ray Neu and Spoken Worldwide as we train and develop orality champions in 16 countries to share the bible stories in the local languages of the people.  We have new tools like the story scarfs that the women of the church can use to share the stories of Christ.  We have started the development of story bracelets for our young people so that they will also learn the stories of the bible and be able to explain their faith through their knowledge of scripture.

These are great days to serve the Lord.  We need your involvement to help equip and mobilize Jesus Film teams across Africa.  We have more than 250 teams in 30 countries showing the Jesus Film every month and working hard to plant churches.  Many of these teams need new equipment which we have available but don't have anyone to deliver them.  Some of the countries need motorcycles to help mobilize team leaders to plant churches in new areas and follow up and disciple them.  We need audio bibles in some 80 languages that can bring the word of God to those who cannot read or write but who can hear the word of God in their own languages.  Your church, your sunday school, your family can make an impact in the world if you chose to get involved.

For more information please contact Tim at teby@africanazarene.org or Michelle at meby@africanazarene.org. We encourage you to sign up for our newsletter here at TheEbyExpress.com so that you won't miss out on all the stories of how God is at work!

We ask for your prayers as we are back in the US, waiting for our South African work visas to be approved.  We know in God's perfect timing we will get what we need and be able to settle into our new roles and home in Johannesburg.  It would be impossible for us to serve the Lord as missionaries without your prayers and support.  Thanks so much for being our pray warriors!

God bless you,

Tim and Michelle

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