April 2018 Update

Praise God!   We are back on the continent of Africa again but still as tourists.  We continue to wait for our work visas for South Africa.  The process has been slow without much feedback so we pray that God will help us get our official papers and finally get settle in our new home.  We have our personal affects still in Dakar, Senegal in storage, our new home in South Africa partially furnished, and our residence officially still in America.  We hope that these three important items will all be in the same place real soon.


The work continues as Michelle helps our new missionaries settle in several parts of Africa.  We have new missionaries to Cape Verde, to Senegal, to Madagascar, to Angola, and to Cameroon.  Most of these are Africa leaders feeling the call of God on their lives to minister in missions to other countries of Africa.  Pray for Michelle as she helps them get their orientation, help them move their belongings and to settle into their new places of ministry.

This week I had the privilege of teaching in Mozambique.  I am still feeling tired from the jet lag of just arriving back in South Africa but rejoicing in the completion or our training in Maputo, Mozambique. What a great group of leaders we have who are passionate to plant more churches. The Nazarene church has more than 200,000 members in Mozambique in close to 2,000 churches on over 30 districts. I work with 24 Jesus Film teams through our coordinator Rev. Albino Banda.  Continue to pray for the work of the church in this country as they reach for their 2020 Vision Goals of winning many to Christ. Thanks to DCPI for partnering with us to provide excellent training to our leaders and to increase our efficiency of planting healthy communities of faith.

Our greatest need right now is getting Jesus Film Equipment to the field.  God has blessed us with donated equipment that is needed in more than 15 countries of Africa.  We have more than 60 sets of Jesus Film equipment ready to go and we just need teams to help us deliver it.  If you or your church want to support a team or send a team to deliver this equipment we could use your help.

Thanks again for your continued support of our ministry and the veil of prayer that so many of you do for us.  We are so grateful for your friendship.


God bless you,
Tim and Michelle

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